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Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or other emotions that affect your ability to handle the stress of lifes challenges?

Are you worried about your child's/teen's behaviors, emotions or moods?

Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner or with other family members?

We all experience a range of emotions and at times, we may become overwhelmed with these emotions to the point that we feel stuck. Meeting with a counselor can provide the support that is sometimes necessary while assisting you and your family to navigate through life's challenges.

How can I help?

 I can help by providing a safe, trusting and nonjudgmental environment where children, adolescents

and adults can learn to develop healthy coping skills and strategies to assist in managing difficult emotions and behaviors. 

Together, we can identify what works for you and your family by developing the tools that are necessary for problem solving and personal growth. I provide individual, family and couples counseling.

In our counseling sessions together, we can explore new effective ways of communication between you and your child/teen, partner/spouse, peers, or other members of the family so that everyone feels listened to and validated.

Areas of Expertise:



Couples Issues

Phobias, OCD

Child/Adolescent Issues


Attention Difficulties

Family and Parenting Problems

Domestic Violence


Life Coach

Anger issues

Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Couples/Marriage Counseling

What to expect on the first visit?

This is an opportunity for you to get to know me as a counselor and for me to get to know what has brought you to seek counseling. If the appointment is for a child or adolescent, they must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). At first, I will meet with the parents/guardians and then the child/teen to identify issues and obtain information that will assist us in future sessions. We will begin to establish a therapeutic relationship and discuss any concerns that you may have.

Counseling sessions usually last approximately 50 minutes and the frequency of sessions will be determined based your individual need. Counseling sessions may be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available Monday thru Friday. On Saturdays, sessions can be scheduled during morning or afternoon hours.

How do you pay for counseling?

I accept the following insurance:

Blue Cross

United Health

Neighborhood Health


Havard Pilgrim

Also, you may pay by cash or check. Credit cards/Debit cards are also accepted. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please feel free to contact me.

Phone 401-649-5897

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